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TGI (Target Group Index)

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TGI (Target Group Index)

Target Group Index is the oldest single source media and marketing survey in Britain being established since 1969. This now covers more than 50 countries worldwide with hundreds of thousands of completed surveys each year both face-to-face and online. The detailed and comprehensive lifestyle survey is completed by around 26,000 participants in the UK with data then being up-weighted to be nationally representative.

TGI (Target Group Index) data is available quarterly and covers consumer attitudes, habits, motivations and behaviours; every piece of data collected can by split and analysed by any and every other piece of collected data. It tends to be utilised in the main by media and marketing agencies,  with much of the information collected utilised to help understand who your potential audiences are and how to target them, assisting in the designing and planning of outputs and the analysis of brand positioning.

The core benefit to TGI is that you can use the extensive filters available to identify and create your audience, reaching far beyond the realms of simply ABC1 males or C2DE housewives.

TGI allows for highly tailored audiences based upon the thousands of lifestyle and consumption filters or even the advanced market clustering techniques. Once created, you can then run your audience against all of the numerous variables, helping to build clear and detailed picture of who they are and how and when to target them.

TGI provides a unique tool to be able to quickly and accurately segment a consumer base or market place into core attitudinal clusters. The cluster analysis tool helps to identify and compare individual groups of consumers in order to tailor advertising and market campaigns to the varying wants and needs of the consumers within a market. A fast food brand for instance may be looking to launch a new range of freshly prepared coffees, with TGI helping to identify the size of the fresh coffee market, the current brand usage and positioning within the market place and to segment the consumer base into the various attitudinal groups of consumers that drink fresh coffee. The fast food brand can then use this information to identify a demand, an opening in the market and how best to target these various types of users.

A business version of TGI (Target Group Index) has also existed since 2008, this surveys the attitudes and behaviours of UK companies and is called the Business culture index.

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