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Telephone Interview Market Research

Telephone interviews are similar to other forms of market research interview, but are carried out over the phone. Telephone interviews fall under two broad categories - teledepths and quantitative interviews.

Teledepths are similar to a face to face depth interview, with the researcher utilising a topic guide as opposed to a structured questionnaire. The major advantage of performing teledepths are that numerous and geographically disparate respondents can be interviewed relatively easily and cheaply - as opposed to the travel involved if interviewing the same respondents face to face. However, the researcher does sacrifice certain elements which are sometimes important, such as the ability to view body language, and the reassurance that a face to face conversation can give if the topic is particularly personal.

Quantitative interviews are most often carried out on the telephone via the use of a CATI system. Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing allows responses to be instantly put in to a computer system ready for analysis, and also means that quotas can be accurately tracked without the time-lag which can occur when interviews are carried out on paper and have to be returned to the office for inputting and processing.

DJS Research Ltd offers both these forms of telephone interview market research.

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