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Telephone Research Sample

Telephone research sample, put simply, is the name given to those respondents who complete research over the phone. It is still commonplace for research to be performed over the telephone - this can be qualitative or quantitative with an interviewer or researcher recording the answers given verbally by the respondent (either by recording the audio and/or by noting the responses down by hand or on a computer). Those projects that use audio recording must declare so during the call.

Both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) research can be undertaken on the phone, and the relevant telephone research sample needs to be used.

Telephone research sample can come from a variety of sources including telephone directories, client provided sample and purchased sample lists. These could include residential landlines (UK and abroad), mobile numbers and/or office/company telephone numbers.

Telephone research can be utilised across all sectors, but some specific example that use it, and therefore would need telephone research sample, are utilities, construction and healthcare.

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