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25th January 2022 11:04

On a cold afternoon in January, a handful of curious DJS employees set down our tools, turned off our phones, and logged on to the first in a series of wellbeing webinars provided for company partner employees of the Market Research Society. 

The first webinar was an Introduction to Mindfulness, in association with the Trusted Coach Network, and hosted by Val Stevenson, a coach with a specialism for wellbeing – supporting individuals through transitions in their careers and personal lives. 

In the email we were sent beforehand, we were asked if we had ever wondered what mindfulness is, or perhaps we may have tried it, but not quite understood the why, the how or the deeper benefits?

The webinar was designed to try and answer some of the questions people have about mindfulness and its principles, as well as give participants the opportunity to have a go at a short exercise...

One of the employees who signed up for the webinar, was DJS Research Director, Alex McCluckie, who has shared his thoughts about the session below...

"I've just taken part in a mindfulness session for 45 mins. Initially, the mindfulness coach shared a picture on screen [a little like the one to the right...], whilst saying the words “…and this is something you can do whilst maybe in a queue in a supermarket…”

At this point, I’ll admit, I was dubious. Nevertheless, I like to think of myself as a man that perseveres...

We spoke about how mindfulness doesn’t get rid of your problems, but can help you gain some perspective on your problems. It was here that, to be fair, I did start to get the gist. After a couple of breathing exercises (see below), it did become apparent just how easy it is to be ‘Mind Full’ (where your head is being pulled a million different ways), rather than ‘Mindful’ of the situations you find yourself in. Or on autopilot and stressed. She mentioned how humans are pre-disposed to be negative and that being more aware and conscious of how you are actually feeling, how well/unwell you are feeling – harder to do than it sounds as negative feelings creep up on you over time – can be so important.

Grumpy, shortness, quietness, stomach pains, shallow breathing, irritable – get to know your own signature. It may be one, or multiple of these. It may be something else. Everyone’s is different. But get to know yours and when it starts to bubble up, take mindful action. We have choices, and a little five minute exercise may work wonders for you. If you’re unsure, why not try it:

  • Sit with a straight spine. Plant feet flat
  • Shut your eyes
  • Breathe in for a 3 count through the nose
  • Out for a 4 count through the mouth
  • 30 secs / 60 secs will do. You don’t have to be some Guru extraordinaire capable of sitting there for hours on end...

"It is difficult, I must admit. I left the webinar to see what a new briefing meeting required, presentation amends needed for Thursday that weren’t planned etc etc. But personally, I can see how there is some value in taking these little moments to yourself. I suspect it’s a habit that must be learnt and persevered with, but should you, I can see how it can have the potential to ease some of life’s, or really, work’s burdens in some way.

That said, I’m off to buy a EuroMillions ticket…as a backup."

The feedback from the session was highly positive and many of our staff have signed up to the next webinar in the series, an Introduction to Emotional Intelligence. We'll let you know how we get on!


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