DJS Chairman Danny Sims talks to Research World about our transition to employee ownership

29th March 2022 10:54

Founder of DJS Research, Danny Sims, has given an interview to ESOMAR's Research World as part of its Insight250 series, sharing our experiences of employee ownership so far.

The Insight250 'spotlights and celebrates the leading innovators and pioneers’ in market research around the globe, and in 2021 Chairman, Danny, was nominated and selected as a winner. 

As part of a series to highlight the expertise and unique perspectives of the 250 market research professionals selected for the Insight250, Crispin Beale, CEO at Insight250, interviewed Danny to delve a little deeper in employee ownership and find out why DJS Research has adopted this forward-thinking business structure. 

Questions were asked around how employee ownership can help to drive innovation and leadership; how employees have reacted to the change into ownership; and whether the company feels different, following the move. 

In response to the latter, Danny said:

“DJS Research became employee-owned in July 2021, so it's still early days for us, and the transition will be a journey over time. However, we have already made significant progress in a short space of time. We have consulted all staff to feed into our strategic planning process for the next few years.

"Staff across all parts of the business have been full of ideas about how we can develop and continue to improve as a business. We have also set up EO Voice where representatives meet regularly to provide ongoing feedback and suggestions to the Board, and likewise, the Board are able to communicate back. So staff have definitely been put at the heart of everything the company does, and we are beginning to see the impact of this.” 

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