DJS Senior Research Manager first ever alumna to be invited to tutor at Research Academy

17th October 2018 12:52

Imagine standing out so much during your post-grad training that as soon as you’ve been awarded the certificate, you’re offered a job as a tutor.

That’s what happened to DJS Research Senior Manager, Rebecca Green, who impressed the London-based Research Academy so much with her talent and commitment during her time completing the MRS Diploma in Market and Social Research that they couldn’t wait to hire her.

Mia Lorenz, who set up Research Academy – specialising in delivering the Market Research Society professional qualifications using a unique innovative approach - was also Rebecca’s tutor for some modules over the course. She calls her former student ‘one of our most distinguished graduates’ and said it is the first time the Research Academy has ever hired an alumna to tutor on the course.

“Beckie was one of our top Diploma students,” she said, adding that she believes her success came from a combination of raw talent, critical thinking ability, academic nous, discipline and persistence.

“She earned a Distinction grade in three of the four MRS Diploma units, which is a rare achievement indeed. When she graduated, I told Beckie that if she ever wanted to do something new, she’d be welcome to join us as a Research Academy Associate.”

Twelve months later, Mia received a welcome call from her former star student, wanting to know if the offer to work with the Research Academy had been a serious one.

“When Beckie got in touch a year later, I was delighted,” she said. “This was the first time we’ve hired one of our alumni, so that’s quite exciting for us. In fact, our alumni are some of our greatest supporters, spreading the word about the quality of our courses far and wide.”

Rebecca will be tutoring students around the globe, remotely, with written assignments, helping them work towards the MRS Diploma – the leading international, postgraduate level qualification for the research industry.

“Qualifications like the MRS Diploma give researchers a chance to really hone their reflective and critical skills, and to learn from other experts outside their own teams or organisations,” said Rebecca.

 “I’m quite honoured to be asked to share some of my experience with newer researchers, and I’m sure I’ll continue to learn a lot along the way. The tutoring was a very valuable part of the course for me as a student, so I was delighted to be invited back!”

Rebecca, who has extensive experience working in the market research industry, will undertake her new tutoring position alongside her role as Senior Research Manager at DJS Research, which she took on over the summer

She will also be on hand to help six of our more junior researchers at DJS Research, who have just been enrolled on the MRS Advanced Certificate in Market Research, also with The Research Academy. This new venture will give our researchers the very best grounding in Market Research principles and an industry-recognised qualification to further their market research careers.

Speaking of Rebecca’s appointment at DJS Research and the collaboration with the Research Academy, Mia said:

“I was of course also very pleased to hear that DJS Research had hired Beckie because she’s a valuable asset to any research agency.

“It’s especially helpful as well in the context of our new collaboration with DJS Research. We’ll be guiding junior DJS staff as they complete our MRS Advanced Certificate course. I’m sure they’ll benefit greatly by having in-house access to one of our most distinguished graduates.”

With almost ten years’ experience under her belt, Rebecca has a deep understanding of the industry, with particular expertise in culture, heritage and charitable sectors, where she has managed multiple projects for top international clients. She is also a skilled moderator and trainer with knowledge spanning the breadth of audience research. So how is she feeling about the future and navigating her two (relatively new) roles?

“Being an Academy Tutor alongside my role at DJS is definitely going to involve some creative diary-management, but Danny [DJS Research Managing Director] and the team here have been really supportive and so far, and it’s working fine. All of my tutees have full-time jobs, and Market Research has never really been a 9-5 industry, so it really suits a flexible approach,” she said.

“More widely, keeping that connection to the MRS’s curriculum and to a wider network of MR professionals is definitely going to keep me on my toes in terms of my own work at DJS; and my bedtime reading list is growing alarmingly!”


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