Research Executives to complete Market Research Society Advanced Certificate

27th September 2018 14:16

Research Executives Market Research Advanced Certificate

As a company, we always seek to invest in our staff to help them gain new skills, learn more about the industry and help them on their journey to further developing their market research careers. 
We have recently enrolled six of our Research Executives and Junior Research Executives on the MRS Advanced Certificate course with the Research Academy to develop their knowledge of market research and gain a solid grounding in research methods and practice as well as working towards an industry recognised degree-level vocational qualification. 
The course, which takes up to six months to complete, will ensure they receive the very best training to the highest MRS standard. And as they complete it alongside their daily DJS role, they can begin to apply the theory being taught to real-life situations encountered in the workplace.
Research Executives MRS advanced certificate
Learning with The Research Academy 
DJS has chosen to use the Research Academy to help our researchers gain their new qualifications because of its passion for research and teaching and also at the recommendation of our Senior Research Manager, Rebecca Green, who is a Research Academy tutor for the post-grad diploma. 
Rebecca, who joined DJS Research in June was awarded the MRS Diploma in 2017 and impressed her Research Academy tutors so much, was invited shortly after to switch sides and help others undertaking the course. 
She believes enrolling Research Execs on the Advanced Certificate course will enable them to go far beyond mere technical learning, exposing them to a range of industry experts and enabling them to help each other throughout their learning journey. 

"I think it’s great that DJS is committing themselves to a course like this," she said.   

"These execs will get more than just some technical knowledge, and because they’re learning together, they’ll be sharing ideas and critiquing each-others work; building those habits of reflection and really deep analysis which they can draw on as they progress."

Speaking about working with the Research Academy to train our next generation of researchers, DJS Research M.D, Danny Sims said:
We feel the MRS Advanced Certificate is hugely important for those starting out in their market research career. It will enable our researchers to quickly get up to speed with the foundations of research, give them a strong grounding in the theory of research principles and practices and progress in their career." 
'Motivated and confident' 
Seb Smith, who was recently promoted to Research Executive at DJS and is one of the five researchers enrolled on the course told us how he was feeling about the opportunity:
"The way DJS has emphasised the importance of our success and put all the necessary support at our fingertips has really made me feel valued within the company," he said. 
"I have spoken with several DJS researchers who have already completed the course and the knowledge I will gain is going to be invaluable to my career progression and really enable me to get fully immersed in projects from start to finish."
The course, which has two intakes a year, began at the end of August and offers our researchers personal tutoring, online group tutorials and webinars, as well as constant input from experienced researchers – plus they're lucky enough to have Rebecca on hand to give advice and direction where needed (the perks of having a tutor on the inside!). 
So how are our researchers feeling at the start of their research journey?  “I’m feeling motivated and confident from week one,"  said Seb.
"Some good hard work and I’ll surely be equally optimistic post-exam!” 
We wish all of our researchers every success as they complete their qualification! 

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