Drive up customer satisfaction and loyalty through improved employee engagement

28th June 2018 09:02

Written by Jenna Allen, Research Director and Employee Engagement Research Lead. Email Jenna direct here.
There is a huge body of evidence demonstrating the link between improved employee engagement and increased motivation, commitment and passion from employees, which in turn drive improved business outcomes and competitive advantage.
Engaged employees are more customer centric, take less time off through illness, proactively seek to improve and innovate in their role, make fewer mistakes and put in greater discretionary effort to help their business meet its objectives.
In fact, research conducted by the Institute of Customer Service in 2017 (‘The Customer Knows’) found that a 1pt increase in employee engagement leads to a 0.41pt increase in customer satisfaction.
In addition, the key behavioural benefits of employee engagement were identified as discretionary effort, empathy and personal connection with customers. They concluded that employee engagement needs to be seen not as merely a survey or a discretionary set of actions, but a key business asset with definable ROI.
Our team of employee engagement and customer satisfaction specialists regularly deliver integrated Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Employee research programmes. Our insights help businesses to identify how to improve customer satisfaction through employee engagement and to continue to monitor and evaluate their ongoing engagement activities.   
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