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“Putting people at the heart of your business”

At DJS Research, we are experts in supporting businesses to uncover the insights they need to improve employee engagement and business performance. Our approach combines years of experience delivering employee engagement research and surveys, with advanced analytics to uncover the true drivers of employee engagement.

We are passionate about working in partnership with our clients to deliver research solutions that are tailored to their specific business objectives. 


Why do an employee engagement survey?

The workplace is changing. The challenge for employers is to keep pace with the growing demand for smarter and more flexible ways of working and advancements in technology, alongside pressure to improve productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability – all against a back-drop of great economic uncertainty. To add to this, in a highly visible and transparent jobs market, the war for talent is fierce, and it is becoming clear that employees expect an environment which is engaging, offers potential for growth and variety, provides continuous two-way feedback, and aligns with their own goals and values.

It is not surprising then that the issues of employee engagement, culture and retention are becoming a top priority for our business leaders. There is a huge body of evidence supporting the link between employee engagement, motivation, commitment and passion, and the drive towards improved business outcomes. Engaged employees are more customer centric, take less time off sick, proactively seek to improve and innovate in their work, make fewer mistakes, and put in greater discretionary effort to help the organisation meet its objectives. Yet still only around a third of UK employees are actively engaged!


Surveys & research

DJS Research are experts with data but also with people.


People Matters Survey

Our People Matters Survey has been developed from years of experience working with organisations to understand their key drivers of employee engagement. It pulls together a set of validated questions within the themes of:

It supports the image of successful workplaces being collaborative and inclusive, where the employee voice is heard strongly throughout, where talent is carefully managed and retained through growth and opportunity, and the workforce is valued and appreciated for what they contribute. It recognises the importance of a healthy and empowered workforce, where there is an open culture and a common purpose and vision.

Our standardised People Matters Survey is perfect for businesses looking for a comprehensive yet cost effective method of identifying where action is needed to improve employee engagement and business performance.

DJS Research provide a full consultative service, ensuring that budgets are spent where most needed – providing the insight and guidance to help decision makers make improvements to their business.

One of our experienced consultants will provide you with hands-on support throughout the whole process. You will also be provided with an insightful and visually engaging report and access to our interactive data portal.



Customised employee engagement research and surveys

At DJS Research we also recognise that the way we survey and engage with our employees needs to be flexible and adaptable. There has long been a debate about the benefits and drawbacks of the traditional annual employee engagement survey versus more frequent ‘pulse’ and ‘always-on’ surveys, but at DJS Research we believe they each have a role to play and can be used interchangeably depending on the research objectives.


Whichever method is adopted, DJS Research are passionate about spending the time getting to know the organisations they work with; their culture, their values, their adopted ways of working. That way we can design the most appropriate research method and ask the right questions that will give us the insights of most relevance to your individual business. We do this through a range of up-front internal discussions including focus groups, depth interviews and/or interactive workshops with key stakeholders, for example:

Our customisable surveys are designed wherever possible to provide the opportunity for benchmarking with organisations similar to yourselves, to maintain tracking with any previous surveys conducted by your organisation, and to measure employee engagement.


Our survey functionality

A high response rate to any employee engagement survey is critical to its success. That is why DJS Research has invested heavily in its infrastructure to ensure its surveys are accessible and inclusive.

Our Employee Engagement models

Employee engagement is defined as “the emotional commitment one has to their organisation and its goals, bringing with it higher discretionary effort”. Through extensive research and analysis of employee feedback over a substantial number of years, DJS Research has developed two models for measuring employee engagement.

These are: The A.C.T Employee Engagement Index: which measures the attributes you would expect to see from an engaged workforce. It is more than just employee satisfaction or happiness, engaged employees are ambassadors of the organisation, who feel proud to work there and recommend them as a good employer. They are committed, with a strong sense of belonging to the organisation and intentions to continue their employment. And they toil, showing motivation and doing the best work they can to help the organisation achieve its goals.

The Six ‘Cs’ Employee Engagement Index: which measures engagement in terms of the factors known to be key drivers of employee engagement. Engaging workplaces are collaborative and innovative, with a culture of appreciation and care, where ideas and feedback are welcomed in an environment of openness and transparency, where employees can grow and achieve, and senior leaders role model the values and behaviours expected by everyone.

Aligning employee and customer voice research

Your employees are your greatest asset. Your brand position is determined by your customer’s experience, and it is your front line employees who deliver that experience. Your employees know your customers best, they know what is needed to improve customer service, and they have the answers on how to improve systems and procedures. They give you competitive advantage.

That is why more and more organisations are combining their employee voice and customer voice research programmes to explore how to improve engagement levels in specific parts of their business with a view to improving productivity, efficiency, retention, customer service and therefore customer satisfaction and loyalty.

DJS Research are also experts in customer satisfaction and customer voice research, so we are very well placed to manage the full programme of research for your organisation.   


Joiner and exit surveys      

The first few months of a new starter’s tenure are crucial for their ongoing development, their drive, enthusiasm and engagement. Joiner surveys (or onboarding surveys) ensure businesses get the optimum from their recruitment and induction processes, and set the right impression from the very start.  

The retention of talented employees is high on the agenda of our business leaders. A high turnover is not only costly in terms of subsequent recruitment and training costs, but also in terms of the retention of knowledge and skills, and workforce morale. An exit survey is key to unlocking the reasons why employees leave the business, and what could be done better or differently in the future.     

For more information on how DJS Research can support you with your joiner or exit surveys, please get in touch.


Beyond the employee engagement survey

Are you looking to measure the physical and mental health of your workforce, or perhaps evaluate the effectiveness of your Wellbeing Strategy? Are you about to embark on a transformational change programme and want to assess the adaptability and resilience your workforce? Are you keen to understand how embedded the organisational values are into the day to day operations of your business? Are these values and behaviours demonstrated by employees, managers and leaders consistently and positively? DJS Research has the expertise to tailor your research programme whatever your objectives. For more information, please get in touch.


Who we are

DJS Research is a family owned business which was set up in 2001, and we have grown every year by forging long term partnerships with our clients. We always go further to find the answers.

To help us achieve this, our company values are truly lived throughout the company.

Our team of employee engagement research experts have more than 30 years of combined experience, and work across the public, private and third sectors.


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