A week in the life of a work experience student at DJS Research...

1st August 2018 09:57

If you're looking for a work placement or a longer internship, DJS Research offers the chance to learn some new skills and get a feel for the market research industry in an exciting, friendly environment...
So what exactly do we offer?
Although there's no denying we love a good brew (who doesn't!), finding out who takes sugar and who likes their caffeine boost milk-free will not be high on your daily agenda; we've far too many other exciting opportunities for you to get involved in!
From working with our creative team and writing news insights to learning about the financial elements of the business and assisting researchers - we want you to have the chance to learn new skills and experience all that a dynamic market research agency has to offer. 

We've just spent a brilliant week with A-level student Nikki, who had the opportunity to work with a number of DJS staff to find out more about the inner-workings of a market research agency and work with us on some exciting projects, including learning to make an animation using digital software with our creative team

And to tell you more about what a week as a DJS workie involves, who better than our fabulous intern herself?

Over to Nikki... 

"For my sixth form work experience, DJS were kind enough to let me spend a week with them helping one of the research teams. I had some great opportunities to experience different areas of the business and work with staff across a  range of areas. 

Some of the opportunities I was involved in were:

* Looking at the types of research they conduct and past reports/videos they have produced 

* Proofreading/data checking reports produced by the company and I even got to input some data myself!

* Sitting in on training sessions and a tele-depth phone interview.

* Researching news stories relevant to market sectors for the Insights tab of the DJS website and writing one of the articles for it.

* Sitting with the creative team and learning about what they do – I got to make my own animation with their software and helped find images for them to use on the project presentations: Take a look below! 


I also had the chance to meet and sit with MD, Danny Sims and the finance department to learn about how a business such as DJS Research is sustained and financed.

I really enjoyed my time here. This experience has given me a valuable insight into many aspects of what a career in market research is all about and how it ties in with what subjects I’d like to take to further education – it is definitely a career I will look even further into. During my time here I was made to feel incredibly welcome and everyone was more than generous with their time explaining their roles, showing me examples of the great work they do and explaining my tasks. Everyone was kind and helpful, not to mention patient when I had queries or questions! I felt that my time there was helpful to those whose jobs I helped out on and that they were prepared with some great opportunities for me to help out with where I could.

Thank you all for a great work experience week!"

Interested? Find out more...

To find out more about DJS Research visit our About Us page. Additionally, for more information about our internship programs download our prospectus here or get in touch to discuss shorter placements at both our Stockport and Leeds offices. 


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