Richard from CATI kicks off our fundraising for The Air Ambulance Service!

4th October 2021 22:23

Just a few weeks after selecting The Air Ambulance Service (TAAS) as our new Charity of the Year, Richard Yates from our CATI team donned his trusty running shoes and set out to raise some money for a cause that we, as a company, have every reason to be grateful for.  

The event was the Manchester 10K; a race he ran to thank the TAAS for airlifting our colleague, Jo, to safety after she was involved in an accident. 

The (Strines) road to running...

Richard has been running for around nine years now and credits the genesis of his running career to DJS Research and National Rail:

My semi-serious running began late in life and mainly thanks to DJS and Northern Rail,” he said. 

“It seemed a good idea at the time to incorporate some exercise into my daily routine by running to and from work having got off the train in Marple. It was on my daily commute along Strines Road with rucksack and occasional umbrella that I was spotted, and then one year asked to run for the mixed team at DJS in the Great Manchester Run. I have now competed in that race five times and am beginning to know the course.”

During lockdown, Richard was no longer able to follow his trusted route to work, but continued his training each morning before breakfast.

When lockdown came and we all began working from home my routine changed, and so instead of two runs a day, I now try and go out in the morning before breakfast for an hour, six days a week,” he said. 

"The route is more varied than the Manchester 10K route, with more ups and downs, roads to cross, traffic and wheelie bins to avoid, but with fewer people chasing me, or cheering at the roadside! My route changes sometimes due to the weather, the day of the week, how late I set off and whether I need to pick up any shopping.

"I enjoy the scenery, the fresh air and the exercise, and being able to raise money for worthy causes like the Air Ambulance service this year.”

The Air Ambulance Service - our new Charity of the Year

The Air Ambulance Service was set up 16 years ago (2002) as the Princess Diana National Air Ambulance for Warwickshire and Northamptonshire and was chosen by DJS employees to receive our support in 2021/22.  We hope to raise as much as we can over the next 12 months as well as spread awareness about this brilliant charity, which also runs the Children's Air Ambulance.

Richard, unsurprisingly did incredibly well at The Greater Manchester 10K, clocking an impressive time of 39 minutes and 32 seconds, and finishing in 106th place overall. But not only that, he finished in 6th position within his age category! 

So far he has raised over £300 (and counting...) for TAAS.

You can see Richard crossing the finish line, below!



DJS Research MD, Al Gleed, said after the event: "A huge well done to Richard – around 15,000 people take part in this event so achieving 106th place overall is phenomenal!"

From all of us at DJS Research, thank you so much to Richard for running the race for Jo and for this great cause, and to those who have sponsored his (pretty incredible!) efforts.

And of course, to DJS and National Rail.

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