The water retail market turned one! Time to think about this fledgling’s future….

25th July 2018 15:25

Back in April, the water retail market turned one. Data reported by Utility Week shortly afterwards estimated that about 4.5% of a potential 2.6 million supply points had been switched. Not surprisingly this is largely made up of I&C and multi-site organisations.
Research we have recently conducted on behalf of some of the wholesalers has provided us with some interesting insights into how the first 12 months have been for the retailers.
General feedback seems to be that things have gone as well as can be expected. Inevitably there have been some teething problems with the quality of data retailers have received from the wholesalers. Another issue is the array of portals being used by the wholesalers. Retailers can be logging into 10 different portals to check notifications and can have 10 different forms to complete depending on which wholesaler they are dealing with.  
Overcoming these data issues is distracting some retailers from customer acquisition and thinking about how they can add value in what is a low margin industry. Some are looking for more collaboration from the wholesalers in this area. 
Going forward, it will be interesting to see how the wholesaler-retailer relationship evolves and whether they do come together to offer more added value services to non-household customers. 

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