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28th June 2018 09:40

Written by Sebastian Smith Research Executive. Email Seb direct here.
During my time here at DJS Research, I’ve worked with several clients in the education sector, most recently on a project that looks into the wellbeing of teachers and school staff for a charity. Having worked in schools myself and experiencing the pressures our educators face first-hand, this kind of project acts as a reminder as to how important it is to provide help and support wherever we can. With this is mind, I jumped at a recent opportunity to support a local primary school in their business endeavours. 
The children of Buxworth Primary, located just 10 minutes away from DJS Research’s head office in Strines, are getting their first taste of what it takes to start a business through the 'Fiver Challenge'.

So what exactly is the Fiver Challenge?  

Pupils receive a £5 pledge and are tasked with setting up a business or creating a service from scratch, including some all-important market research to ensure they’re giving their customers what they want. Here at DJS, we recognise the impact local businesses can have within the wider community, and so last week Ali Sims and I went to share our knowledge on the subject and get these young entrepreneurs thinking!
Through an all-inclusive session, the children were introduced to key considerations such as; who is your customer? What do they want? What makes your product stand out from the crowd? We helped them to think about new question styles and types; how to develop a well-structured questionnaire, and use engaging presentation styles to effectively display their findings.
After listening to the children’s thoughts on what they might ask potential customers, we were delighted to have their superb and innovative ideas shared with us – from custom-made bookmarks to rentable Segway’s and an array of unique sweet-treat stands, we could soon be seeing the next Alan Sugar in the area!
We wish everyone at Buxworth Primary School all the luck in the world and look forward to hearing all of your success stories down the line.

The bigger picture: from education to employment

Of course, engaging with local schools is worthwhile in itself, but as a company, we strongly believe in getting out into the community and encouraging entrepreneurism, and helping to develop the skills needed for employment.
The national skills deficit is well publicised as businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit workers with the right skills. This is particularly the case in market research, so anything we can do to encourage young minds into the insight industry is a positive!
For those of you who are a little older, we regularly welcome in high-school pupils, college students and graduates for work experience or internships. Some of these go on to work with us full-time via our Junior Research Executive scheme, which is open now for applications.
Who knows, perhaps we’ll be welcoming a few alumni of Buxworth Primary in a few years’ time!
If you’re interested to hear more about the early stages of a career in market research, feel free to drop me an email at

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Written by Jenna Allen, Research Director and Employee Engagement Research Lead. Email Jenna direct here.Written by Jenna Allen, Research Director and Employee Engagement Research Lead. Email Jenna direct here.

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