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Opinion Exchange is a paid survey site where you can exchange your opinions for rewards. It is reliable, trusted, quick and also easy. You can be making money by completing surveys in no time, it is completely free to sign up and there will never be any hidden charges. You just need to sign up, sit tight and wait for the first survey invitation to come to your email inbox. Once you have got your invitation email, you can start earning!
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Opinion Exchange is a website that is linked to DJS Research, Opinion Exchange send out research opportunities like surveys for their panel members. Once you sign up you become a member and will start receiving invites to take part as well. The research that you will be invited to is conducted by DJS Market Research, so you will be taking part in tasks that we are conducting for our clients. If you choose to sign up to Opinion Exchange, it gives the permission for DJS Research to contact you but this will only be regarding research opportunites and nothing else that would be considered unwanted, like spam or sales for example.
Opinion Exchange isn't just a paid survey site, we do also offer other forms of research but surveys is what you will receive invites to the most if you do sign up. You can expect an invite around once or twice a month, how much you will get paid for these surveys depends on the subject matter, how long it takes and also what type of people the researchers need to speak to. Once you have completed the surveys you have been invited to, you can expect to earn between £0.50-£2.00 per survey. There are also surveys that enter you into a prize draw and there are also chances to win a cash prize or vouchers. If you take part in our other forms of research, like focus groups, you can expect to earn significantly more so we suggest you take the opportunity to take part in one of them, if a chance arises.
As well as sharing your opinion and getting paid for it, you can also have a say on how brands develop and market their new products and services. Some of these brands that we do research for you might have heard of or buy from which adds extra interest to the tasks.
Here are a few you might know:
-The FA
You may ask why do we do these surveys or what happens with my answers?
The panel members of Opinion Exchange complete these surveys for DJS Research's clients because they want to receive customer feedback regarding their new product, marketing campaign, their company in general or how to improve something specific within the business. This is so they can improve their products/services for the public. Your answers won't be used anywhere other than in research. They are used for research purposes only, for example they could be put into a graph or listened back to if it is a focus group. We need them in order to produce findings for the client but you don't have to worry because your answers will be kept safe and only used for research purposes only.
How long do surveys typically last?
Our surveys generally take between 5 and 10 minutes but occasionally you could be asked to be involved in a more in-depth one which could take significantly longer. Normally, the surveys that require you to give your opinion/answer in your own words, instead of yes/no answers, will take much longer but these also give out a higher incentive.
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