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Harper Dennis Hobbs

Sectors: Housing
Service(s): Data Processing and Analysis, Face-to-face, Field and Data Services, Quantitative
Approach(es): Consumer, Customer Insight

The Challenge

Harper Dennis Hobbs (HDH) is an independent real estate consultancy regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. The company’s primary focus is retailer acquisitions for some of the world’s largest brands.

HDH provide advice for office relocations, travel retails channels and all aspects of leisure and key services include strategic advice, taxation, location strategy and corporate restructure.

As part of their work, Harper Dennis Hobbs wanted to understand the level of pedestrian traffic on a London street.

The Approach

Our in-house Fieldwork department coordinates our UK-wide, IQCS-trained field force from within our own offices – managing assignments from small, one-interviewer projects to those spanning the length and breadth of the UK requiring tens or even hundreds of individuals in a number of locations.

In this instance, the focus was more on accuracy than on scope, and as such – in order to ensure an accurate and comparable count for each day – we provided each of our interviewers with specific instructions on the exact location in which they needed to stand, and the durations which they needed to be there for.

This project required a very quick turn around. As a result, we ensured that staff were available internally to all for results to be telephoned in to our office – including those gathered at the weekend – so that they were available for HDH to review and act on as soon as possible.

The Results

We counted more than 8,000 individuals across a three day period. We also discovered that this road in particular was markedly less busy on a Saturday than on days during the week.

HDH have used this information to inform one of their own clients and to provide a more tailored and informed consultation.

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