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We have substantial experience of conducting consumer market research for a number of private sector, public sector and voluntary organisations. We have conducted both qualitative and quantitative consumer market research across a wide range of markets and including a number of hard to reach consumer audiences. Topics have been vast and varied in nature, with examples including:

  • Conducting resident surveys to evaluate perceptions of local areas and of particular services
  • Customer satisfaction research with users of services and products
  • Gauging perceptions towards specific issues and schemes such as parks and open spaces and street lighting
  • Speaking with people to assist with new product development – products have ranged from paint brushes to new restaurant concepts
  • Advertising testing – pre and post advertising testing to measure awareness levels pre and post campaign
  • Attitudinal research – gauging attitudes towards various topics
  • Awareness of healthcare issues – for example awareness and knowledge of cancer related illnesses etc.

We have carried out consumer research for a wide range of clients, including major retailers (fashion, food and drink, FMCG, eyewear), utilities companies, local councils and also for regulators who work to provide consumers with better information on markets and products.

We have worked extensively with international consumer protection bodies as well as Consumer Focus and Consumer Futures in the UK,  including carrying out in-depth market research with consumers to understand attitudes towards collective switching in a range of markets. This report was subsequently published in the public domain and is available here. In addition, we have also undertaken research in to consumer complaints and complaint handling across a number of sectors, as well as customers experiences of Post Offices including larger offices and those in a more rural setting for instance.

In addition, we are also able to effectively target specific sets of consumers easily through a range of in-house market research departments including 100+ telephone interviewers (with a specialist team of consumer market research interviewers), our own online scripting and programming department for online surveys and a dedicated field team with more than 1,000 field interviewers with vast experience of carrying out consumer market research.

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