Age is relevant to shopping habits, survey finds

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26th June 2015 12:09 - FMCG

The 2015 Grocery Eye report has revealed that age is an important factor in gaging the eating and shopping habits of UK consumers.Age is relevant to shopping habits, survey finds

The group of respondents aged between 16 and 34 said that they believe it’s more difficult to eat healthily when on a strict budget.

The findings showed that approximately 4 in 5 (80 per cent) of those aged between 16 and 34 – often referred to as millennials – buy fresh fruit and vegetables, as opposed to 96 per cent of those over 55. As well as this, just 63 per cent of millennials eat fruit and veg, whilst 88 per cent of over 55s claimed to do the same.

The report indicates that the younger demographic do not have as health of a lifestyle as the over 55 age bracket. When asked if they think they have a nutritious diet, those over 55 were the demographic who considered themselves to be the healthiest, with 40 per cent claiming to have an existing healthy diet. In contrast, just 28 per cent of the 16-34 age bracket said the same.

The Grocery Eye also looked at what why the millennials do not consumer more fruit and veg and found that the 16-34 age bracket believe that eating healthy is difficult on such a tight budget. As a result of having such a small food budget, the millennials said that reducing the price of healthy food would make more people purchase it and in turn, make them healthier.

Of the respondents, 65 per cent said that eating healthily costs more than eating food that’s bad for your health.

Although, the research discovered that just 50 per cent of adults felt that they had a responsibility to promote healthy eating and a further 59 per cent said that parents of children are responsible for encouraging healthy eating amongst young people.

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