More than 1 in 3 vegetarians consume meat after drinking alcohol, survey finds

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5th November 2015 13:04 - FMCG

A recent survey by Voucher Codes has revealed that one third of vegetarians in the United Kingdom eat meat when they’ve drank alcohol.More than 1 in 3 vegetarians consume meat after drinking alcohol, survey finds

The researchers interviewed 1,800 UK vegetarians as part of the research to discover whether or not they had ever eaten meat during or after consuming alcohol. According to the survey findings, 37 per cent of vegetarians admitted that they had indeed done so, whereas the remaining percentage said that they hadn’t eaten meat under the influence of alcohol.

Of the respondents who do eat meat when drunk, 69 per cent said that they keep it to themselves and do not tell anyone else.

The researchers also asked the respondents how often they broke their vegetarianism and consumed meat. Of the participants, 34 per cent said that they ate meat every time they’re drunk on a night out, 26 per cent said they ate meat ‘fairly often’, 22 per cent said they did so ‘rarely’ and 18 per cent said they did ‘occasionally’.

The participants of the survey were also questioned about which meat they choose to eat when breaking their vegetarianism. The top five meats in the survey were:

1.   Kebab meat – 39 per cent

2.   Beef burgers – 34 per cent

3.   Bacon – 27 per cent

4.   Fried Chicken – 19 per cent

5.   Pork sausage – 14 per cent

In relation to this research, the findings of recent research by Purdue University revealed that consuming alcohol enhances the flavour of fatty and salty foods, which perhaps explains why vegetarians desire meat after drinking.

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