Nine in 10 Brits are concerned about the consequences of plastic waste, research finds

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26th January 2018 14:07 - FMCG

Nine in 10 Brits are concerned about the consequences of plastic waste, research finds

Nine in 10 Brits are concerned about the consequences of plastic waste, research finds: Following the widely publicised Sky Ocean Rescue campaign which focuses on Britain’s battle on plastic waste, research has found that in one year, the number of Brits who are making a stance against plastic waste has increased.

Results from the online survey found that the number of Brits who use plastic bottles has decreased significantly since the speculation came to light.

Now, over half of those surveyed (65%) use less than three disposable plastic bottles a week, compared to 47 percent last year. Furthermore, the number of people who don’t use plastic bottles at all (20%), also increased by 6 percent within the last year. 

To further highlight these figures, those who are very concerned about the consequences of plastic increased from 47 percent to 63 percent. Those who use 10+ plastic bottles per week halved, as figures dropped from 16 percent to eight percent.

Following the airing of planet protection campaigns, documentaries and the conveniently timed launch of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet, there is no doubt that publicity has played a significant part in the growing numbers of support, not just listed in the survey, but nationwide.  

In addition, there has been a lawful response with regards to the campaigns, as the ‘deposit return scheme’ has been given the go-ahead by the Scottish government and Britain’s taxation on single-use plastic is soon to be in force.  

However, it can be argued that more is needed to be done sooner rather than later, as the exclusive discovery of the way in which Britain ineffectively ‘recycles’ their waste and China’s ban on plastic waste imports is an unsettling crisis that needs to be managed.

Commenting on the crisis, Rob Opsomer of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, said that the revelation“forces the UK to rethink how they deal with their plastics.”

However, Rob also mentions that “exporting plastics abroad, where the infrastructure is even worse than China, and we perhaps believe it gets recycled, but actually, what happens there is it gets burned or it gets treated in a way that is negative for the local environment.”

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