Survey explores why few women drink beer

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20th August 2015 16:06 - FMCG

A recent survey - commissioned by Friends of Glass, a community which champions using glass for taste, health and the environment – has Survey explores why few women drink beershown that drinking from a pint glass may be a reason why many women avoid drinking beer.

Of the respondents, 47 per cent think that drinking out of a pint glass is not feminine and 43 per cent would prefer to drink beer from a continental lager glass, when given a choice of many glassware options.

The survey – which questioned 1,000 women – found that 39 per cent believed that using a more elegant glass for beer would help to alter the perception that beer is a man’s drink. A further 25 per cent said that a more elegant glass would make drinking beer more enjoyable.

When the respondents were asked which material is best for preserving the flavour of the beer, 84 per cent of the women said that they believed that glass is the best.

With hybrid styles of beer entering the market from independent craft beer producers, as well as the rise of Golden Ales, beer offers a variety of flavours for both of the sexes.

Of the respondents, just one in three (39 per cent) said that they had tried craft beer and of these, 66 per cent said that they believed that craft beers offer a interesting range of tastes and flavours.

When asked to describe the different tastes of craft beers, 59 per cent said that the taste is flavoursome, 42 per cent said they were full bodied, 23 per cent said aromatic and 19 per cent said they are fruity.

Of the women who said that they’d tasted craft beer, 24 per cent said that they are more fashionable than regular beer and 20 per cent said that they are more modern.

Rebecca Cocking from Friends of Glass said of the findings:

“Glass is noted for its properties when it comes to preserving the taste of food and drink, and beer is no exception.  The women interviewed clearly identified this but what is really interesting here are their thoughts about the pint glassware beer is typically served in.  With the rise of craft beers in Britain and Golden Ales tipped as the new taste of summer, a move towards seeing more continental style glassware in pubs, bars and restaurants may help move away from this out-dated stereotype.”

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