Survey finds Brits want to retain ‘Easter’ on chocolate egg packaging

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21st March 2016 13:21 - FMCG

A recent survey – commissioned by the Meaningful Chocolate Company - has revealed that the majority of British people want to keep the word ‘Easter’ on chocolate Easter egg packaging, with a resounding 79 per cent feeling that the word should not be omitted from the wrapping.Survey finds Brits want to retain ‘Easter’ on chocolate egg packaging

In the United Kingdom, we purchase in excess of 80 million Easter eggs every year, however, in recent years, many manufacturers of the chocolate eggs have omitted the term ‘Easter’ from their packaging and just referring to them as ‘chocolate eggs’. Some manufacturers have also resorted to reducing the word ‘Easter’ in size, or put it on the back of the boxes.

Chief Executive Officer of the Meaningful Chocolate Company, Mr David Marshall, said of the revealing market research findings:

"We are not sure if other manufacturers feel the word 'Easter' is too religious to be used on their products and so are trying to remove it or hide it away. But it is clear that the general public want their eggs to be Easter eggs – a bit of a relief given the name of ours!"

The rate of different demographics who wanted to keep the word ‘Easter’ on boxes:

Scotland - 84 per cent

South of England - 85 per cent

Yorkshire and Humberside - 85 per cent

Families with children - 80 per cent

Students – 87 per cent

The Rt Revd Nicholas Holtam, The Bishop of Salisbury, said of the topic:

"It is interesting that there seems to be a real resistance to removing the word Easter from these gifts. Perhaps people understand that the festival is religious and do not want to see it turned completely secular. Whatever the reasons it is important to remember that at Easter we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus."

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