Survey finds consumers trust supermarket meat over restaurants’

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18th May 2015 13:33 - FMCG

A recent survey has revealed that supermarkets are gaining the most public trust when it comes to meat. Survey finds consumers trust supermarket meat over restaurants’

The data revealed that 70 per cent of consumers trust the meat they purchase from supermarkets, in comparison with the 58 per cent who trust the meat they consume in restaurants and the 17 per cent who trust the meat in fast food restaurants.

The National Pig Association attributed the findings to the efforts of supermarkets to source British meat, after the horse meat scandal.

Chairman of the National Pig Association, Richard Lister, said of the findings: “Supermarkets have worked hard to restore trust by sourcing more British meat and labelling the fact clearly – and their strategy is obviously working,”

The National Pig Association claimed that supermarket loyalty to British pork was commendable, bearing in mind the current 30p per kilogram price gap between British and EU prices.

Lister went on to add: “By voting overwhelmingly for British Pork on supermarket shelves, despite a glut of cheap pig meat in Continental cold stores, shoppers have delivered a huge fillip to Britain’s pig farmers and to retailers,”

The National Pig Association is calling on restaurants to do the same as British supermarkets and source more British pork.

CEO of the National Pig Association, Zoe Davies said of the findings: “When restaurants and fast food outlets make a point of sourcing British, they should always say so on their menus and in their advertising and, if they do, their customers will respond positively.”

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