Survey finds more than half of women desire ‘green’ beauty products

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21st November 2016 13:06 - FMCG

Survey finds more than half of women desire ‘green’ beauty products: A recent survey has revealed that more than half of women over the age of 35, as well as 73 per cent of millennial women, believe that it is important to buy all-natural beauty products.Survey finds more than half of women desire ‘green’ beauty products

One website suggested that 2016 has been the year of the green beauty revolt, with The Senate holding its first hearing on a proposed law to improve regulation for the cosmetics industry, as well as the sales of organic beauty products continually increasing.

When it comes to unwanted and unregulated chemicals in beauty products, Kari Gran, who commissioned the survey and founded a holistic beauty company, revealed that ‘green’ beauty is now very much on peoples’ radars. She added that when green and organic skin care was released, the cosmetics industry believed that it was just a fad; however, the movement gained in popularity.

Kari Gran’s survey questioned 1,126 women from around the United States about their beauty habits and desires to reveal that 55 per cent of American women read the labels on beauty products to avoid certain ingredients and chemicals.

The survey also found that 35 per cent of American women will spend more money in green skin care, hair care, make up, sunscreen, nail care and fragrance products in the next two years, in comparison to what they spend now.

Of all the beauty items, skin care products are the most in-demand all-natural beauty products.

When looking at the types of women who are most likely to value natural beauty products, it was found that 69 per cent of women with children in their household said that they value natural beauty products, in comparison with 56 per cent of women without children in their household.

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