Survey finds non-alcoholic beer is growing in uptake

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22nd January 2016 15:14 - FMCG

According to a recent survey by AB InBev Uk, non-alcoholic beer is growing in popularity in the United Kingdom.Survey finds non-alcoholic beer is growing in uptake

Approximately 31 per cent of people have now tasted non-alcoholic beer – 19 per cent of which cannot taste the difference between alcoholic beer and its non-alcoholic equivalent.

The survey findings also revealed that 34 per cent of those looking to reduce their alcohol consumption will turn to non-alcoholic beer – an increase from 2014’s 20 per cent.

Of the millenials in the survey, 21 per cent said that they were likely to consume non-alcoholic beer this month, an increase of 10 per cent since 2014.

The findings support the idea that young people are adopting more healthy lifestyles, with 41 per cent of those aged between 18 and 19 admitting that they’re trying to reduce their alcohol intake.

When looking at the demographic of non-alcoholic beer drinkers, it was found that 1 in 10 women consume it every week. As well as this, it was found that those living in London are more likely to drink alcohol free beer than any other city in the United Kingdom.

AB InBev said that they are committed to making sure that its global beer volume will be at least 20 per cent lower-alcohol or non-alcoholic by 2020.

AB InBev’s Beck’s Blue brand is the market leading non-alcoholic beer, with a 58 per cent share of the category, which is growing 5 per cent year on year itself. In 2014, Beck’s Blue increased 15 per cent in the off-trade and 10 per cent in the on-trade.

Legal and Corporate Affairs Director at AB InBev UK and Ireland, Anna Tolley, said of the market research findings:

“It’s great to see the growing popularity of alcohol-free beer among the UK public – especially millennials.

Offering consumers choice is an important part of our commitment to responsible drinking and we are proud to brew Beck’s Blue, the market leading alcohol-free beer.”

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