We need clearer labelling for cheese and sausages, say MEPs

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31st May 2016 18:24 - FMCG

The European Commission is facing mounting pressure to introduce mandatory country of origin labelling for processed meat, milk and dairy products, to help to increase the confidence of UK consumers and improve transparency.We need clearer labelling for cheese and sausages, say MEPs

The European parliament are behind the calls, as they believe that there is a great needs to keep consumers informed in following the horse meat scandal and other cases of food fraud.

As it stands, country of origin labelling covers pigs, beef, sheep, poultry and goats, however, Members of European Parliament (MEPs) believe that the rules should be spread to items such as bacon and sausages, as well as cream, milk and cheese.

The introduction of mandatory labelling would be in line with demands from consumers, with more than 80 per cent supporting mandatory labelling in 2013’s Eurobarometer survey.

The Members of European Parliament voted by 422 votes to 159 in favour of the non-binding resolution, with 68 abstentions and also claimed that the costs associated would be quite small.

The farming unions in the United Kingdom are welcoming of the initiative, which will place further pressure on the European Commission to respond.

In February 2015, the European parliament called on the European commission to introduce a compulsory country of origin labelling for processed meats, however, this has not yet happened so far, with the European Commission arguing that consumers would not be willing to pay extra to cover the additional costs the initiative would bring.

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