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Finance Market Research

Below you will find the latest finance market research insights, finance news and research findings. The most recent finance articles can be found at the top.

The finance market research findings have been sourced from the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Please note that the research projects contained in these articles may or may not have been conducted by DJS Research Ltd.

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Market Research Discovers Need for Reliable Financial Advice

22nd October 2012 16:37

  According to a survey by IFA directory VouchedFor, only half of the respondents who have sought financial guidance in the past five years would be likely to recommend their professional adviser. Called ‘RDR: How dark will it get before dawn?’,… Read more...

Survey Finds Britons Dubious About Futuristic Payment Technologies

12th October 2012 13:34

  Market research on behalf of the Payments Council, an organisation which is responsible for ensuring that payment services are as efficient as possible in the UK, has discovered what Britons think making purchases will look like in the future. The… Read more...

Poll Sees Banking Giants Outperformed by Smaller Providers in Satisfaction Score

18th September 2012 15:58

Market Research by Which? has shown that major UK banks are still failing to rank high on the satisfaction test and are falling behind financial competitors such as online-only providers and large retailers. The poll questioned 48,826 Britons about their… Read more...

Market Research 'Highlights Need' For Dedicated Business Bank

17th September 2012 16:08

A recent study carried out by the Federation of Small Businesses suggests that banks are refusing more than 2 in 5 applications for credit from small businesses in Britain. The survey, which found that half of the 2600 respondents were looking to expand in… Read more...

Research Shows Britons Not Satisfied With Major High-Street Banks

17th September 2012 16:01

Figures from the latest Which? customer satisfaction survey suggest that, despite dominating the UK banking market, the major high-street banks score below average in terms of their customer satisfaction ratings. Of those banks which dominate the UK’s… Read more...

Market Research Finds Britons Resigned to Increased Penny Pinching

14th September 2012 15:07

An online survey by YouGov of 2,089 adults on behalf of Axa has revealed how Britons are pulling in their purse strings as many do not feel the economy will improve. Just 16% of those surveyed believe their financial situation will get betterin the long term,… Read more...

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