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Food Market Research

Below you will find the latest food and drinks market research insights, food news and research findings. The most recent food articles can be found at the top.

The food and drinks market research findings have been sourced from the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Please note that the research projects contained in these articles may or may not have been conducted by DJS Research Ltd.

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Survey finds one in five children aren’t aware that bacon comes from pigs

5th August 2015 10:53

According to the findings of a recent survey - conducted on behalf of the sustainable food and farming organisation, Linking Environment and Farming (Leaf) - one in five children do not know that bacon comes from pigs, with one in twenty believing that cheese… Read more...

Survey finds Britons want more information on food labels

21st July 2015 16:02

A recent survey has discovered that 47 per cent of people in the United Kingdom want companies and brand to put more information on food packaging, for example, food safety guidance and also information about ingredients. Further to this, 44 per cent said… Read more...

73 per cent of fresh supermarket chickens contain campylobacter, FSA finds

29th May 2015 10:22

A recent survey by industry watchdog, the Food Standards Agency, has made the shocking discovery that nearly three quarters (73 per cent) of fresh chickens bought in supermarkets have tested positive for the harmful food poisoning bug, campylobacter. Of the… Read more...

Brits drink two bathtubs of tea per year, survey reveals

12th May 2015 13:48

A recent survey, commissioned by Contact the Elderly, has found that the average British person consumes 884 cups of tea every year – enough to fill two bathtubs. The survey also found that the amount of tea British people consumes increases with age.… Read more...

Survey finds a desire for energy drinks to be taxed

21st April 2015 10:08

A recent survey - on behalf of trade magazine, The Grocer - has found that around half (47 per cent) of British people would like a tax placed on energy drinks. The survey also revealed that consumers are the most concerned about energy drinks above any other… Read more...

Average annual cost of lunch is £667, research finds

26th March 2015 12:24

New research from the NPD Group has shown that the average annual amount of money spent on lunch by one individual is £667, with those working in London spending around £830. Experts have said that the findings may indicate one’s financial… Read more...

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