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Pharmaceutical Research

Survey finds health workers support transparency on payments from pharma companies

9th November 2015 10:31

A new survey commissioned by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry has discovered that most healthcare workers in the United Kingdom back greater transparency on the payments received by pharmaceutical companies. However, a proportion think… Read more...

Doctors believe the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t understand them, survey finds

15th October 2015 11:18

A recent survey of 551 General Practitioners in England has revealed that there is an increasing segregation between doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, with 2 in 3 no longer seeing sales representatives and approximately 40 per cent having a negative… Read more...

‘Breakthrough drug’ may not mean what the public think, survey finds

29th September 2015 12:29

A recent US survey has revealed that what the Food and Drug Administration refers to as a ‘breakthrough’ drug, may not necessarily mean what a regular, untrained person may believe. Researchers from the Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh,… Read more...

US doctors do not realise the risks of prescription painkillers, survey finds

11th August 2015 14:49

A recent survey has revealed that American doctors are not fully aware of the risks of prescription painkillers, which is consequently contributing to misuse. Approximately 50 per cent of the 1,000 primary care doctors, who took part in the survey, claimed… Read more...

Prescriptions rise and average cost falls, figures show

15th July 2015 12:02

Recent figures from the Health and Social Care Information Centre has shown that the amount of prescriptions released in England during 2014 increased by 3.3 per cent / 34.5 million items. The rise has been attributed to the growing use of antidepressants,… Read more...

Under 65s more willing to try alternative cancer therapies, survey finds

28th May 2015 15:53

A recent US survey of cancer patients, conducted by the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, has discovered that those under 65 are more open minded when it comes to exploring alternative therapies for their symptoms and… Read more...

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