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Pharmaceutical Research

Survey reveals 20 per cent of UK individuals have misused over the counter drugs

11th February 2016 13:08

A recent pharmaceutical survey found that around 20 per cent of Britain’s population have misused over the counter drugs at some point in their life. The misuse was mainly via using the medication longer than advised, taking it in a higher dose or using… Read more...

Survey reveals many have substituted prescriptions for cannabis

20th January 2016 15:22

A recent survey by the Centre for Addictions Research of BC, in Canada, has revealed that many people have replaced prescription medicine for marijuana. The pharmaceutical and alcohol industries – which are hugely powerful influences in Washington –… Read more...

Pharma research finds correlation between antibiotic prescriptions, patient satisfaction

15th December 2015 15:49

According to research by King’s College London, there is a correlation between the amount of prescriptions issued for antibiotics and patient satisfaction scores, with the GPs prescribing less antibiotics receiving lower patient satisfaction scores.… Read more...

More than half of Northern Ireland is taking prescription drugs, survey finds

23rd November 2015 16:32

A recent survey by the Department of Health in Northern Ireland has discovered that more than half of people in Northern Ireland are taking prescription drugs. The annually published survey – entitled ‘the Health Survey Northern Ireland’–… Read more...

Survey finds health workers support transparency on payments from pharma companies

2nd November 2015 12:46

A new survey commissioned by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry has discovered that most healthcare workers in the United Kingdom back greater transparency on the payments received by pharmaceutical companies. However, a proportion think… Read more...

Doctors believe the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t understand them, survey finds

13th October 2015 13:16

A recent survey of 551 General Practitioners in England has revealed that there is an increasing segregation between doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, with 2 in 3 no longer seeing sales representatives and approximately 40 per cent having a negative… Read more...

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