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Pharmaceutical Research

Pharmacists trusted less than other health professionals, survey finds

16th January 2015 14:56

A recent survey, commissioned by the General Pharmaceutical Council, has discovered that the public trust pharmacists less than other health professionals. Of the respondents, nearly 9 in 10 (87 per cent) claimed that they trust the advice given by pharmacists… Read more...

UK patients receiving poor healthcare in 1 in 6 doctor’s surgeries

19th November 2014 17:51

Being prescribed out of date medicine and having trouble booking an appointment are both contributing factors to one in six GP surgeries, offering inadequate healthcare. The unsatisfactory care provided puts the patients, of approximately 1,200 surgeries,… Read more...

Research shows that post-op pain management has improved over the past ten years

16th October 2014 10:39

A new survey has revealed a decrease in American severe post-operative pain within the last decade. In 2003, a reported 63% of respondents reported suffering with marked levels of pain within a fortnight of an in-hospital surgical procedure. Eleven years… Read more...

Teachers Most Valuable Source for Information about Drugs, Study Shows

28th July 2014 15:35

Teachers are seen as the most useful source of information when it comes to talking about drugs, according to findings published in NatCen’s Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use Among Young People report. The survey, which was conducted with 5,187 children… Read more...

Half of Survey’s Respondents Considering Aesthetic Treatment

11th July 2014 11:43

A recently published online survey discovered that over half (52%) of its respondents were considering aesthetic treatments, such as wrinkle-relaxing injections, skin tightening procedures and chemical peels. The research – Consumer Survey on Cosmetic… Read more...

Obese Americans Choose Weight Loss Pills and Surgery Over Exercise

8th July 2014 11:06

Analysis of the National Health and Wellness Survey, which asked 39,000 respondents in the United States to complete an online survey, has found that overweight and obese Americans report a greater level of overall satisfaction with weight loss pills or weight… Read more...

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