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Pharmaceutical Research

Prescriptions rise and average cost falls, figures show

14th July 2015 11:43

Recent figures from the Health and Social Care Information Centre has shown that the amount of prescriptions released in England during 2014 increased by 3.3 per cent / 34.5 million items. The rise has been attributed to the growing use of antidepressants,… Read more...

Under 65s more willing to try alternative cancer therapies, survey finds

28th May 2015 12:28

A recent US survey of cancer patients, conducted by the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, has discovered that those under 65 are more open minded when it comes to exploring alternative therapies for their symptoms and… Read more...

A quarter of care workers administering medicine untrained, survey finds

11th May 2015 16:00

A recent survey by UNISON has discovered that many care workers are expected to carry out procedures which should only be done by a registered nurse, such as administering drugs. Of the respondents nearly a quarter said that they were expected to administer… Read more...

95 per cent of drivers unaware some prescriptions fall under drug-driving laws

9th April 2015 11:50

A survey of drivers in the UK has discovered that 95 per cent are not aware that some prescription medicines fall under the new drug-driving laws which came into action on March 2nd 2015. The law includes 16 drugs, of which, eight are available on prescription… Read more...

Cost of purchasing generic drugs putting American pharmacies at risk

9th April 2015 11:05

A survey of 700 American pharmacists has found that community pharmacies are at risk due to insufficient reimbursement rates. This is a problem that will also affect patients prescribed generic prescription drugs. Conducted by the National Community Pharmacists… Read more...

Marketing and IT at pharma companies should collaborate to increase digital presence, survey finds

1st April 2015 11:32

A recent survey by Accenture has found that chief information officers and chief marketing officers of pharmaceutical companies need to work together to increase their use of digital technologies. Accenture surveyed 22 chief information officers and 24 chief… Read more...

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