24 per cent of men think Christmas Eve is the best day to propose, survey finds

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19th December 2014 13:00 - Public Consultation

A nationwide survey of 7,000 people has shown that 24 per cent of men feel that Christmas Eve is the best day to get down on one knee, making it the most popular time of year to want to propose to a loved one.

The survey, which was commissioned by Chillisauce.co.uk, indicted that the men planning a Christmas proposal may be jumping the gun, as 22 per cent of women would prefer to be proposed to on Valentine’s Day.

The findings also showed that the anniversary of the day a woman met her partner was also popular, as 20 per cent indicated they’d like to be proposed to on this day.

One in twenty (6 per cent) women would like a Halloween proposal.

When looking at how a woman would like her partner to propose, the survey found that the majority of female participants (51 per cent) would like the gesture to be simple, with a traditional ‘will you marry me?’ being most popular.

However, of the female respondents, 15 per cent claimed they would like their other half to propose using technology.

When asked to specify which item of technology they’d like their partner to use to propose, 29 per cent of the women, who wanted a proposal via technology, admitted that they would like an email.

SMS ranked closely behind an email, with 27 per cent of these women desiring a proposal by text message.

Receiving the same amount of votes as an email was social media.

A proposal over the phone received 19 per cent of votes from these women.

When looking into where men have previously proposed to their girlfriends, 28 per cent of the male respondents chose to ask the question whilst abroad.

It was also found that the majority of men would like to adhere to tradition, with 65 per cent of men revealing that they would say no if their girlfriend got down on one knee.

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