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Public Consultation Market Research

Below you will find the latest public consultation market research insights, public consultation news and research findings. The most recent public consultation articles can be found at the top.

The public consultation market research findings have been sourced from the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Please note that the research projects contained in these articles may or may not have been conducted by DJS Research Ltd.

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Majority of Brits Support ISIS Air Strikes, Market Research Survey Shows

30th September 2014 10:51

A survey, which was released hours before the British government announced it would take part in air strikes against the Islamic State, has outlined the public’s perception of the military action going on in Iraq. Of the 1,972 British adults who were… Read more...

Survey Finds Arguing and Loud Voices Top Neighbour Nuisances

22nd September 2014 10:24

A recently published survey has uncovered residents’pet peeves when it comes to nuisance neighbours. The survey, which was conducted with 2,602 UK adults, discovered that more than one quarter (27%) of respondents has had a problem with an annoying… Read more...

Majority of Brits aged Over 50 Want Their Funeral to be a Celebration, Survey Finds

15th September 2014 12:07

According to recent research, the majority of Britons aged over 50 like the idea of a funeral being a celebration of their life as opposed to the traditional, more solemn, ceremony. Almost seven in 10 (68%) preferred the idea of their funeral being more of… Read more...

Survey Shows English Attitudes to Scottish Independence

21st August 2014 10:43

Future relations between Scotland and England do not look favourable, as voters in England dispute sharing the pound with an independent Scotland.  Regardless of the outcome in September’s referendum, new research shows that the English want public… Read more...

UK Children Less Informed about the Commonwealth, Survey Shows

31st July 2014 17:27

According to a recent survey, children in the UK are less informed about what the Commonwealth is than non-UK Commonwealth member children. The study, which was conducted by the British Council, discovered that around three fifths (57%) of UK seven to 14-year-olds… Read more...

Half of Survey’s Participants Don’t Want Britain to Have an Empire

29th July 2014 14:54

A study conducted with more than 1,700 British adults discovered that almost half of its respondents do not want Britain to still have an Empire. Collectively, 45% of the survey’s participants said ‘no’, they would not like Britain to have… Read more...

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