Organic food is more expensive than non-organic, survey finds

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1st February 2016 17:40 - Retail

A recent piece of market research has revealed that the organic food, sold at five of the biggest supermarket chains in the United Kingdom, is more expensive than non-organic food.Organic food is more expensive than non-organic, survey finds

According to the findings, the organic items were found to be 89 per cent more expensive than non-organic products at Tesco, Waitrose, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s. The items used as a comparison were own brand goods, from each respective supermarket, where applicable.

The researchers price checked a total of 19 basic essentials - such as apples, bananas, butter, beef, chicken, tomatoes, orange juice and milk – and discovered that organic products incurred an average weekly cost of £16.74, or an annual additional cost of £870.

Some of the most notable price differences include Asda’s milk, which costs 92p more for four pints of organic milk, as opposed to non-organic. As well as this, Waitrose displayed the most significant increase in the price of eggs, which cost £1.40 more to buy organic. Similarly, Gala apples from Morrisons were £1.52 more expensive to buy organically.

It was Sainsbury’s which showed the most dramatic increase in the cost of chicken breasts, with an organic pack costing £3.68 more than the non-organic alternatives.

Across the board, Tesco had the most minimal price hike between organic and non-organic foods, with an average of 82 per cent. On the other hand, Asda had the highest price increase, with an average of 109 per cent. As well as this, Asda also stocked the fewest amount of organic own brand items from the 19 on the research list.

Of the list of 19 which the researchers explored, carrots were found to have the largest increase, with an average of 208 per cent more if bought organically, adding up to an annual cost of £49.25. Carrots were closely followed by broccoli, with a 201 per cent price hike, adding up to £48.17 annually to buy the organic product.

UK Country Manager of Voucherbox, Shane Forster, said of the market research findings:

“Although it’s important to put health as a priority, it’s interesting to see from these results how much buying organic in the UK can add to costs. The overall additional cost for these items alone is more than you would pay for a weekend health retreat, or a week-long all-inclusive holiday. Our breakdown is also useful for consumers looking to work out what items they feel are worth spending extra amounts on in order to go organic."

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