Survey find retailers were worried that millions of people would return unwanted gifts

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7th January 2016 12:01 - Retail

A survey pre-Christmas revealed that approximately 33 per cent of consumers in the United Kingdom were going to return an unwanted present and 88 Survey find retailers were worried that millions of people would return unwanted gifts per cent said that they were going to do this in a shop, rather than do it by post.

Retailers were worried that as many as 50 per cent of items bought before the holidays were going to be returned to the shop for a refund or swap on New Year’s Day.

Dubbed ‘Boomerang Day’ in the retail industry, New Year’s Day sees annual High Street queues and financial headaches for retail employees.

Pre-Boomerang Day, retailers anticipated that approximately 30 million unwanted presents, worth £500million would be returned or exchanged. As well as this, Store Managers also revealed that they were expecting shameless customers to return items that they had seen at a cheaper price in the sales, before cheekily purchasing the goods again at the sale price.

Deputy CEO and Communications Director of the British Independent Retailers’ Association, Michael Weedon, said of the topic:

“The whole weekend is likely to be extremely busy because people are still out there looking for a bargain in the sales.

“Others are returning Christmas presents so any stores without dedicated customer service tills are likely to be gummed up.

“I’d also expect to see long queues at post offices on Saturday morning with people returning goods bought online.”

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