Survey reveals changing shopping habits of consumers due to COVID-19

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23rd April 2020 17:50 - Retail

Survey reveals changing shopping habits of consumers due to COVID-19: A survey has revealed a shift in consumer shopping habits since the COVID-19 pandemic began, with 90% of respondents revealing that since lockdown, the way they shop has changed.

The nationally representative poll of 2,000 UK adults by Hubbub found that since the outbreak began, many people have started to look for alternative ways to shop - and large numbers plan to continue using these methods when life returns to normal (whatever that 'normal' might be).

Asked about how they are shopping differently, more than a third of shoppers (34%) said they are buying food or products from local or smaller businesses, with almost one in three (29%) saying they have started using their local shop or convenience store for the first time to get food and essentials. 

Because people are no longer going out to restaurants or spending money on other activities, around a quarter (26%) said they are buying higher quality produce to eat at home. When it comes to takeaways, 43% said they are not ordering food-to-go as much due to fears over contamination, while around the same percentage (42%) said they are not buying takeaways due to financial reasons. 

Although these changes in behaviours have been driven by the ongoing pandemic, the vast majority of those who have made changes  (89%) said that they will carry on using at least one of the shops or services they have switched to when the lockdown ends. Two-fifths of respondents said that they will continue to support their local corner shop (41%), while a fifth plan to get their meat from the local butcher in future. Local farm shops will also likely retain some of their new customer base, with 13% of participants saying they are keen to continue, as well as 15% saying the same of greengrocers. 

Consumers also said they plan to continue ordering from the local delivery services they have been using during lockdown, such as fruit and veg deliveries (11%) and milk deliveries (9%).

More findings from the Hubbub survey can be found here

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