1 in 13 do not own a smoke alarm despite safety risks

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15th October 2014 12:04 - Utilities

It has been uncovered, by loans and mortgage provider Ocean Finance, that 1 in 13 people in the United Kingdom do not have a smoke alarm despite them providing crucial forewarnings of fires.

Advice from London Fire Brigade suggests that every level of a building should have a smoke detector with particular emphasis on rooms with fire hazards such as gas appliances.

As suggested by London Fire Brigade, fires are not the only threat which a home may pose. Other risks such as gas need to be detected. Gas appliances put inhabitants in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning which is undetectable to the human senses. As it is tasteless, odourless and colourless, it is advised and highly important to have a carbon monoxide detector installed into the home to prevent fatality.

Despite this, only 48% of participants in the survey disclose having a carbon monoxide detector installed and 47% of those asked do not have one. As well as this, 4.8% are not certain whether they have one in their home.

As well as having a carbon monoxide detector fitted into your home, gas and electrical appliances can be assessed by a professional who is qualified. This prevents an emergency occurring in the first place.

However, the survey showed that 9.4% participants said that their gas appliances in their home had not been checked. Similarly, 36% also said that their electrical appliances had not been checked. It is also suggested that gas and electrical appliances should be inspected often. However, 28% of participants who owned gas appliances and 31% of people with electrical appliances admitted to not having them safety checked within the year.

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