32% of British adults are more concerned about damage to the environment than violent crime, reveals survey

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9th July 2021 13:51 - Utilities

32% of British adults are more concerned about damage to the environment than violent crime: A survey has revealed that nearly a third of UK adults are more worried about the environment and climate change than violent crime. In contrast, a fifth stated they do not participate in activities to tackle climate change.

The research by BT and Livity, polled over 2,000 participants, finding that when asked why they haven’t engaged with the climate change agenda, almost 20% of participants stated feeling ‘alone’ as the main reason, with others commenting on the lack of a collective movement to tackle the problem.

However, many people are participating in various activities to help the environment. Reducing waste appears to be the most popular method, with over half (54%) the participants polled actively attempting to decrease the amount of rubbish they make. A third stated they are attempting to shop more locally where possible, in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint and purchase more locally sourced products. A less direct way in which people are tackling climate change is by raise awareness about the issue, found the survey, with 14% attempting to make people more knowledgeable about the subject.

Many respondents expressed that they would like bigger organisations and companies to do more to help the cause. A quarter of UK adults said they want more support from existing authorities; furthermore, a third stated they want businesses and manufacturers to make their products more sustainable, but also to make these products more accessible to more people.

Alan Bryant, strategy partner at Livity, said: “For those who feel they can have an impact, climate change is seen as something that everyone can play their part in. They believe in the cumulative impact of every individual’s actions. However, for those who don’t believe they can drive change, the opposite is true - they feel instead that the climate emergency is a bigger issue than the individual, a bigger issue than they can solve alone.”

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