72% of British public believe we need to use more solar energy, according to poll

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2nd December 2020 15:14 - Utilities

72% of British public believe we need to use more solar energy: A survey has revealed insight into the opinions of UK adults when it comes to energy usage, finding that almost three-quarters (72%) are in favour of more solar energy to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

The research by Bright Blue also found that respondents think we need more wind (69%), tidal (64%), and hydro energy (62%) to meet the net zero emissions target - while some also favoured biomass and biogas (42%) and hydrogen (37%). 

The poll of 3,002 respondents found that 63% would like to see less coal used for energy, followed by oil (55%). When it comes to nuclear energy, a quarter (25%) said they would like to see less usage, while a third (33%) said they would like to see more. 

The research asked respondents how energy companies can help achieve net zero emissions by 2050, with eight out of 10 (80%) saying that broad research is needed into renewable energy sources, while three-quarters (74%) said that investment is needed into energy storage methods. Other answers given included building offshore wind farms (70%), onshore wind farms (65%), investing into carbon capture and storage facilities (65%) and converting the existing gas network to run using hydrogen (55%). Just over two-fifths (42%) said that building more nuclear power stations is important.

More than half the people polled (58%) said they do not believe the target of zero net emissions by 2050 will be achieved.

Energy company profits

When asked about how energy companies should use their profits, 82% said they would like to see the reliability of service improved, followed closely by lowering bills (81%), and supporting vulnerable customers (81%). Improving infrastructure (80%), investing into the workforce (78%), investing in carbon-free energy (77%) and supporting local economic growth were also important (74%). Just under two-thirds (63%) said that supporting good causes should be a key consideration, while just 44% said 'paying dividends to shareholders'. 

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