8 out of 10 respondents in support of renewable energy, according to poll

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15th April 2019 12:55 - Utilities

Eight in ten respondents in support of renewable energy: A poll of 2,000 people in the UK has found 80% are in support overall of renewable energy sources – with the most popular form of clean energy being solar energy.

The research conducted for online green investment platform Abundance Investment found that 79% of respondents were in favour of solar energy, with the second most popular choice being clean energy from waste - with just over 76% in support. 

Respondents also revealed support for offshore wind farms as well as generating clean energy from waves and tidal - both with 73% support. Onshore wind had support of 67% followed by biomass with 55%.

The survey findings show a similar level of support to the government BEIS Public Attitudes survey – which recorded support of 77% for renewable energy during the last survey conducted in December 2018 (published February 2019). 

Looking at the sectors respondents feel should be supported through investment, 29% said creating energy from waste and recycling or from repurposing waste technologies, while slightly less (25%) they support better known clean technologies such as solar energy, or offshore and onshore wind.

The survey also asked respondents about the things they worried about most in the UK, with green concerns taking four out of five of the top five places. Eight out of ten respondents said they were worried about their plastic consumption; 78% said they had concerns over the amount of general waste in the UK, while three quarters said that the levels of air pollution is a top concern. These were followed by Brexit (73.5%) and climate change (72.5%). 

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