A third of UK households are on a green-energy tariff, according to poll

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10th February 2021 16:18 - Utilities

A third of UK households are on a green-energy tariff: A survey of homeowners has revealed that just over a third (34%) are currently signed up their provider's green energy tariff.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology's Green Preferences 2020 Survey polled 3,337 respondents in the UK asking for their view and opinions around green technology. Additional polling was conducted in Australia, China, Germany, India, the UAE and USA.

The survey also found that over a quarter of UK respondents (26%) do not know which energy tariff they are on, while 39% said they are not one.

Looking more into who is most likely to sign up to a green energy tariff, the survey found that those living in an urban area (45%) and also engaging in other active environmental behaviours such as adopting a more ethical diet (54%) are more likely to select green tariffs.

The survey also revealed 'significant' regional differences between those on green tariffs. The East Midlands, had the greatest proportion of households on green energy tariffs, compared to just 13% in Northern Ireland - which is likely due to the availability of green energy tariffs in Northern Ireland and the dominance of local energy companies, said the report.

Typical behaviours at home

The research found some interesting insights about people's behaviours at home, with 69% revealing they would prefer to wear a jumper than put on the heating. This percentage was even greater amongst older respondents aged over 55 years (72%), while 65% of 18–34-year-olds would do the same.

Looking at respondents' habits when washing clothes, the survey found that 49% would use a longer eco wash, while 51% would typically use a shorter normal wash.

Respondents were then asked about what they believe is the most effective way of minimising their individual carbon emissions, with 44% saying home insulation.

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