Annual Survey Shows Utility CEOs Starting to Partner with Customers and Engage with Employees

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19th August 2013 11:55 - Utilities

The sixteenth annual CEO survey (2013), reports that more than nine in ten power and utility CEOs say customers are influencing their business strategy.  Over eight in ten (84%) - plan to strengthen their engagement programmes with these key stakeholders. This will become especially important with big infrastructure projects that need direct customer involvement, such as smart metering programmes.

More than two thirds of power and utility CEOs are concerned that over regulation of the industry could stall growth. As a result, four fifths (80%) are increasing their efforts to engage with governments and regulators.

Of respondents, nearly nine tenths (88%) say employees have an influence on business strategy. In addition, eight in ten (80%) plan to increase efforts to strengthen engagement with employees.

The report also shows - seven in ten (70%) of industry CEOs are planning to increase capital investments. However, the cost implications of these plans are so enormous that over half (55%) say that they are worried about their ability to finance such growth.

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