Consumer Study Sees Britons Putting Off Switching to Cheaper Energy Supplier

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30th November 2012 15:02 - Utilities

According to a survey covering 2,000 adults across the UK by Eon, there is reluctance amongst people to switch energy suppliers, even if it means saving money.

Approximately 30% or one third of the respondents said they may never change their energy tariff, while 34% thought they should ideally be changing their tariff once a year.

When questioned why they put off switching, a number of reasons were given – 29% of the surveyants claimed "I don't know where to start" which makes this the most common feedback, followed by those who said they were too lazy, too tired, did not have the time and finally those who thought a change of energy supplier would be too overwhelming.

Nevertheless, the main motivation for thinking about a switch amongst 55% of the respondents was to save on their energy bills by finding the cheapest provider. To this end, Eon has launched an online comparison tool.

Eon spokesman Guy Esnouf commented on the survey findings: "With everyone leading such busy lives we know how easy it is to get stuck in a rut - and too tired at the end of the day to do anything about it. We want to encourage everyone to think about what parts of their lifestyle they can change so they can then reap the financial and emotional benefits of embracing change."

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