Energy providers more unpopular than banks, survey reveals

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3rd February 2015 11:21 - Utilities

A recent survey by The Guardian has found that 46 per cent of people dislike energy suppliers more than companies in any other sector.Energy providers more unpopular than banks, survey reveals

The survey required respondents to choose 2 or 3 companies they disliked the most, in order to determine which sector was least popular with British consumers.

Closely following energy suppliers were banks, with 36 per cent of people claiming to dislike them. The most common reason given for not liking banks was because of the way “they treat people and customers”.

Of the respondents, 26 per cent chose insurance companies as their least favourite. Also voted by 26 per cent as their least favourite were petrol and oil companies

Companies who fared reasonably well in the survey were: mobile phone and television companies (18 per cent), builders and tradespeople (16 per cent), public transportation companies (13 per cent), newspapers (11 per cent), large internet retail companies (6 per cent) and high street stores (2 per cent).

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