Environment and climate change revealed to be in top three concerns of UK public, according to poll

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21st May 2021 16:43 - Utilities

Environment and climate change revealed to be in top three concerns of UK public: A survey has revealed that climate change and the environment is a key priority for UK adults, in third place out of a list of eleven concerns.

The research by Britain Thinks, for Green Alliance’s Transform Tax project found that almost a third of respondents (32%) chose environment and climate change as one of their three top priorities, with only economy and employment (38%) and healthcare (51%) ahead of it. It also found that in every region of the UK it was one of the top four concerns.

The research findings suggest that people in the UK support the government in spending more on issues around the environment and climate change, with eight in 10 saying they believe the government should be responsible for dealing with such issues. Six in 10 (62%) said they want to see the government spending more money to address issues around climate change and environmental challenges.

The respondents surveyed also indicated that they too hold some responsibility when it comes to green issues, with 63% saying they believe that their lifestyle choices should be addressed, and 64% reporting that they have already made changes to support the cause.

When asked about the notion of 'green taxes' being introduced to help people and companies make more changes, six in 10 were in support, while just one in 10 were in opposition. The majority of survey participants were in favour of carbon taxes on producers (57% - with just 5% opposed), while carbon taxes on consumers was supported by 53% (opposed by just 12%). Looking at greening the UK VAT system, more than half (54%) said they would support such a move, with just 9% were in opposition. More than half (51%) were also in support of new material taxes; a move opposed by just 12%.

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