Environmental Poll Shows UK Public Increasingly Concerned Over Water Usage

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22nd March 2011 15:04 - Utilities

A survey published today, which was commissioned by Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT), showed the public have a growing awareness and concern about water usage across the UK, with more people willing to make a greater effort to help wildlife and reduce flooding.

The poll was undertaken for a campaign that aims to raise awareness of how rainwater can be managed better to benefit wildlife and make financial savings.

Of those surveyed, the highest on the list of concerns was reducing water bills, with flooding, environmental damage and water shortages also causing worry.

Martin Spray, WWT Chief Executive, commented: "The results show the public wants to know and do more about water in their area, which in itself is good news because our use of water has big implications for our communities and our wildlife."

 He added: "The environmental advantages of conserving water are multiple and it is clear that people are keen to do their bit. This survey has thrown up simple measures that we can do at home and that our institutions can do to support us."

Measures such as installing a water butt in homes and switching to a water meter were discovered as easy ways for people to be more eco-friendly and save money.

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