Global electricity system may be 70 per cent renewable by 2050, survey finds

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25th March 2015 11:01 - Utilities

A recent survey of energy sector participants has discovered that it is possible that the global electricity system could be 70 per cent Global electricity system may be 70 per cent renewable by 2050, survey findsrenewable by 2050.

The study, was conducted by the world’s greatest independent energy experts, DNV GL.

The researchers asked 1,600 individuals, working within the energy sector, for their views. The respondents were from more than 70 countries.

Those who were surveyed were asked how renewables could be incorporated into the energy system.

Of the respondents, 80 per cent believed that the global electricity system could be around 70 per cent renewable by 2050.

A significant proportion of the respondents believed that this figure could be achieved in 15 years, indicating that an energy revolution could be in the near future.

DNV GL-Energy’s CEO, David Walker said of the findings: “DNV GL’s analysis of these findings concludes that the solution for a high renewables future demands a dramatic change in the industry’s approach to the integration of new technology.

“We need to adopt more collaborative approaches and go beyond shifting old metrics, beyond old rules and beyond old silos. A shift away from a paradigm in which renewables are considered a nuisance to be accommodated to one in which the true potential of renewables in balancing and securing grids is unlocked. The debate needs to move beyond integration.”

The report claimed that there are still challenges surrounding inputting renewable energy sources into the grid. For instance, the scale of the renewables must grow. The report says that the energy sector concentrates on the electricity industry too much and so an expansion of horizons is required.

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