Half of British households expect to find their energy from more sustainable sources in the next year, reveals survey

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11th November 2021 11:54 - Utilities

Half of British households expect to find their energy from more sustainable sources: A recent survey by Energy Helpline has revealed that 50% of British households expect to find their energy from more sustainable sources within the next 12 months. A further 47% said they would prioritise using less energy in their home in order to combat inflating gas prices.
The study observed 1,000 British participants during October 2021 and uncovered that 51% felt the government did not give enough support during the energy crisis. However, 42% said they felt it was down to energy suppliers to provide support and that these companies were not doing enough.
As an alternative to spending more on sustainable energy sources, many people are seeking to insulate their home, however, for many people this is beyond the realms of affordability.  It is estimated that the cost to insulate a home is around £10,000. Two-fifths (41%) of respondents believe that the government should pay these costs, with a further 24% saying it should be the energy suppliers who pays for the upgrades.
When asked about their ability to pay their energy bills this winter, seven in 10 participants stated that they are worried they will be unable to. A further 27% fear they may have to cut down on the amount of energy they use in order to decrease their bill, with 19% saying they are worried that their physical health might suffer from not being able to heat up their home – up to 24% among 19-24-year-olds.
The survey also revealed that four in 10 said that the energy crisis has led to them prioritising purchasing more energy-efficient products, with just under a quarter (24%) saying they would switch to a green supplier, and almost a fifth (18%) saying they would seek to source their own energy from home.
Mark Bennet, energy expert at Energy Helpline, said: "While it's clear that the energy crisis is causing millions of households to worry about paying their bills, increasingly we are looking for more sustainable solutions when it comes to cutting our bills."

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