Lincolnshire water is confirmed ‘clean and safe’ by Anglian Water

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6th July 2015 13:07 - Utilities

After a recent survey, which claimed that faecal contaminants, including faecal matter could get into Lincolnshire water systems. Anglian Water has stated that the water supply is now clean and safe.

Potentially harmful contaminants – which could include viruses and bacteria from faeces - can cause stomach upsets, according to the survey report carried out by the University of Sheffield. 

The university stated that even after leaky, broken pipes are repaired, impurities from faeces-polluted tap water could stay in the pipes – and could be the cause of reported stomach problems.

Dr Robin Price, Anglian Water's water quality manager said:

"The quality of drinking water in the UK is among the best in the world and people can have absolute confidence in it," Dr Price said.

"Water companies are extremely vigilant. We always take water samples after a burst main to look at quality so we can be certain nothing has found its way into the network and that the water remains pristine.

"There is chlorine in the water to give an extra layer of protection for customers at all times.

"These samples are on top of the hundreds of thousands of other water quality tests we carry out every year in our region to ensure that the water coming out of our customers taps is safe and clean.

"We have been involved in this study from the start, and have been training our staff for a number of years to minimise the risk of ingress, which this study looked at. These procedures are now well embedded across Anglian Water and the wider water industry."

Professor Joby Boxall, of the University of Sheffield, said:

'Many of us will have had a dodgy tummy in the past that we couldn't quite explain, often putting it down to something we'd eaten," he said.

'It now seems possible that some of these illnesses could have been caused not by food, but by water.'

A purpose-built test facility was used, made up of 141 metres (462ft) of mains water pipe, and maintained at pressures representative of UK networks.

However, the researchers acknowledged that it wouldn't be practicable for the water industry to stop all water pipe leaks.

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