Market Research Finds Majority of Britons Clueless about Smart Meter Benefits

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22nd August 2012 16:20 - Utilities

According to a series of surveys commissioned by the Government, many people in the UK are needlessly losing money on their energy bills because they don’t understand what smart meters are.

These devices show real time energy usage within a household. A total of 51% of the 2,396 people interviewed during three face-to-face surveys had never heard of them.

Interestingly, a further 5% claimed they already own one, however this figure is so high compared with the current roll-out of the devices that it demonstrates some of these respondents had misunderstood what a smart meter actually is.

The study also revealed widespread indifference to the smart meters, with nearly 45% of the surveyants admitting they had "no feelings either way" on supporting or opposing one in every home.

Nevertheless, energy companies and the Government plan to install smart meters into 30 million UK homes by 2019, which will do away with estimated bills. Furthermore, some smart meters can be placed in visible locations to effectively encourage energy-saving.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (Decc), which commissioned the public attitude surveys, estimate that British households will be able to save £23 annually on their energy bills by 2020 as a result of these devices.

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